chimney repair before and after picture

Chimney Restoration & Repair

•Top Dampers
•Tuck Pointing
•Masonry Sealing
•Firebox Repair
•Drafting Issues

How does your chimney look? Are the bricks crumbling?

Does it have white or black exterior staining? When was the last time you used your fireplace? Are you afraid to use your fireplace because you're not sure how safe it is? If you have questions regarding the use or operation of your fireplace, we can help. Did you know water causes more damage to masonry chimneys than fire?

Your chimney is constantly exposed to the elements. Once water penetrates the masonry inside, freeze/thaw cycles so familiar here cause expansion and contraction putting stress on the chimney and causing damage. Left unchecked, this water can cause interior and exterior damage to your masonry chimney.

Possible damage includes:
1) spalled and cracked exterior brickwork
2) deteriorated masonry and metal fireboxes
3) rusted or broken dampers
4) decated mortar, cracked or missing flue liners, and in the worst case scenario damage to adjoining walls, ceilings, and woodwork

Simple steps like installing metal chimney caps, restoring your chimney crown to its original water tight condition, or simply treating your masonry with a special "breathable" water repellent can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair.

Professional Chimney Cleaning and Restoration

Fireplace Cleaning & Level 1 Inspection

(per fireplace) Any heavy creosote build up requiring chemical treatment or chain removal completed at additional cost

Fireplace Inspection Only

(credit toward cleaning and/or repairs if needed)

Residential & Commercial Chimney Repair & Restoration

(Brick, Crown, Mortar, Tuckpointing, Chimney Caps, Water Leaks, Drafting Issues, Relining, etc.)

**Estimate cost may be credited against resulting repairs and/or cap installations.